Indeck Keystone Celebrates 175 Years!

Indeck Keystone Seal 1840-2015

This year marks a special year for Indeck Keystone Energy.  We are celebrating 175 years of continuously providing engineered steam solutions to various industries.  Our roots started in 1840 initially as Presque Isle Foundry in Erie, Pa.  The name was later changed to Erie City Iron Works which pioneered the steam industry making steam engines.   In the late 1960’s Zurn Industries purchased the company and renamed it Zurn Energy Division.  This was followed by acquisitions in 1997 by Aalborg Industries, and in 2002 by Erie Power Technologies who renamed our company to Keystone Energy Inc.  In 2004, Keystone Energy Inc. was acquired by the Indeck Group of Companies.

It’s been ten years since Indeck had the forethought to purchase Keystone Energy and expand and integrate our respective technology product bases.  Our new team has created innovative and customized large modular boilers, large fully assembled boilers, and heat recovery steam generator designs that have proved to be cost effective solutions for our customers, especially for sites with high field labor rates.

We would like to thank all our customers who supported Indeck to achieve this momentous occasion.

Here is to another 175 years!  


Chris Petcos

Chief Operating Officer

Indeck Keystone Energy, LLC.