Indeck Remote Monitoring System


The Indeck Remote Monitoring System (Indeck-RMS) utilizes a secure VPN remote access Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) router/gateway integrated into the Indeck Boiler Control System (BCS). With the optional 24/7 monitoring and alert notification service, Indeck-RMS ensures timely detection of critical events, alarms, and automatic shutdowns. By leveraging cloud-based technology, Indeck-RMS enables comprehensive remote monitoring of the Indeck BCS, granting access to crucial burner management system and combustion control system data from any location. The continuous monitoring services facilitate remote troubleshooting, reducing the need for costly on-site service visits and enhancing overall system reliability while minimizing operational expenses.

Indeck has the capability to customize a solution that caters to your specific needs, delivering key performance indicators (KPIs) for remote monitoring, which includes:

  • Critical Events (Alarms/Trips)
  • Output Capacity
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Downtime

By tailoring this solution, Indeck ensures that you receive comprehensive and relevant KPIs that align with your monitoring requirements.

Service Offerings

The Indeck-RMS service offers continuous 24/7 SMS text messaging and email alerts to promptly notify you of any alarms or automatic shutdowns occurring at the boiler control panel. Whenever a new alarm is triggered, the control system immediately sends an email to designated individuals at the operating facility. These notifications provide comprehensive details, including the alarm description and the timestamp of the event.


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