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Unlock the Power of Superheated Steam for Unbeatable Efficiency and Reliability

Harness the incredible potential of superheated steam in a wide range of applications. With its lower density, superheated steam delivers unparalleled efficiency in propulsion systems like turbines and reciprocating pistons.

But that’s not all – the advantages of superheated steam don’t stop there. Its ability to tolerate higher ΔT levels means it can handle condensing steam without causing equipment damage or sacrificing operational efficiency.

Indeck Superheat Boilers are your ultimate solution for short-term needs in turnaround, outages, and emergencies. Trusted by leading companies in the petrochemical, refinery, and processing industries, our boilers are designed to deliver reliable performance when you need it most.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Experience the power of superheated steam with Indeck.

Why Select an Indeck Superheat Boiler?

Indeck’s 75,000 pph superheat boilers have large heating transfer surface areas for increased boiler efficiency and are designed to maintain lower furnace pressure drop. These features equate to smaller force draft fan horse power requirements and fuel consumption. This provides for lower electric and fuel costs for Indeck customers. The most important thing for plant operators or engineers is to review boiler safety and performance features.

What features does the Indeck superheat boiler have beyond other similar superheats?

Indeck boilers are designed for either non-hazardous or hazardous location. Features include: Class 1, Division 2, Hazardous Locations, and capable of parallel positioning or 3-element feedwater / fully metered.

What else is available with the superheat boiler?

Economizers and I-SCR Systems are available for increased efficiency and NOx reduction. Economizers are used to reduce fuel use by recovering heat from boiler stack gases that would otherwise be lost to the environment. When lower NOx emissions are required to satisfy customer air permit requirements, Indeck can offer customers an Indeck Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (I-SCR) to support their operations.

What should plant operators or engineers look for when selecting a superheat boiler or manufacturer?

Clients expect the latest safety features that meet/exceed their “Hazardous Operation Review”. They should compare the fuel and electrical savings from one offering to the next. In addition, check to see if the boiler being provided by the manufacturer or a middle-man supplier. The most important thing for plant operators or engineers is to review boiler safety and performance features.

Indeck Keystone Energy can custom design high pressure boilers with superheaters to meet a plant’s specifications. For additional information see

Sample Superheat Boiler Projects

Large processors and petroleum refineries turn to Indeck for Superheat Boiler Rentals:

  • A major petroleum company was having a turnaround and contacted Indeck to provide three trailer-mounted super heater boilers. This job was successful because the turnaround was completed and the rental boilers provided the required steam during the shutdown.
  • For a regular maintenance outage, a major chemical processor needed temporary steam in order pull their boilers off and repair them. This project was successful for Indeck’s client because no production was lost during the planned outage.
  • A steam turbine manufacturer contacted Indeck to rent a superheated steam boiler in order to do testing on a turbine for a client. Indeck provided the desired equipment and the tests were completed on time and client’s customer was pleased.
  • For another oil refinery Indeck provided one superheated boiler during their outage. Again production was maintained and no volume or dollars lost to the customer during this time.

Superheated steam is mainly used in applications where the steam pressure can be harnessed. The lower density of superheated steam allows for higher efficiency in propulsion applications –like a turbine or reciprocating piston.

Additionally, the higher ΔT tolerance of superheat steam makes it advantageous in applications where condensing steam (water droplets) would damage equipment or slow operational efficiency.

Superheat Boiler
Superheat Boiler

Indeck Solutions, Systems, & Services

At the heart of our commitment lies the dedication to providing our customers with the power they need, precisely when and where it matters most. With an extensive background in the industry, unwavering stability, and formidable financial strength, we possess the capabilities to deliver comprehensive solutions to any challenge. As a leading provider in the industry, the Indeck Group stands as a singular source supplier of cutting-edge boiler systems, recognized among the foremost manufacturers of industrial steam boilers in the United States. Our portfolio encompasses tailor-made boiler systems and a wide range of industrial steam boilers available for both purchase and rental. To inquire about steam boiler rental, please contact us at 847-541-8300 or explore our product line below

An Engineered System to Reduce NOx Emissions

The I-SCR System was designed by Indeck to help reduce the emissions of nitrous oxide (NOx) on industrial boiler systems. This system uses a selective catalytic reduction process that converts nitrous oxide emissions in the combustion flue into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H20) without forming secondary pollutants.

Burner Management and Combustion Controls

Nearly half a century of field experience in packaged industrial boiler systems has led to the development of our burner management and combustion control systems. Our in-house engineering, UL listed panel shop, and large component inventory allow us to develop custom systems very quickly.

Emergency Trailer-Mounted Deaerators

We provide emergency water treatment trailers for many purposes including use with rented boiler systems, in-plant deaerator inspections, and equipment expansion or replacement. Our trailer-mounted deaerators will meet your flow rate and water quality requirements to keep the plant on-line.

Boiler Accessories

We understand the importance of properly integrated accessories to complete industrial steam boiler systems. Our engineering staff ensures that the required interface is in place so that the overall boiler system performs at optimum efficiency.

Boiler Parts

At Indeck, our top priority is to keep our customers up and running at maximum efficiency. We have over $25 million worth of boiler parts in stock to help reduce downtime as well as improve and maintain the efficiency of your boiler system and accessories.

Indeck 24/7 Emergency Boiler Rental

With Indeck, you can trust in our ability to swiftly address your emergency needs and provide the necessary power solutions, keeping your operations running smoothly and minimizing downtime. Count on us for prompt and dependable assistance with all your emergency and power requirements.

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