Combustion Controls

Enhancing Boiler Efficiency With Combustion Controls

In today’s competitive industrial landscape, maximizing boiler efficiency is crucial for companies seeking to optimize their operations and reduce costs. Indeck offers innovative combustion controls for industrial boiler systems, providing comprehensive solutions that enhance performance, increase energy efficiency, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Our custom combustion controls that are efficiently designed and swiftly completed within our in-house engineering facilities. Our UL listed panel shop and comprehensive component inventory ensure a seamless and reliable process.

Combustion Control Systems (CCS)

Indeck provides customizable CCS designs that cater to your specific needs, offering a range of options such as fully metered control, parallel positioning, and jackshaft control. Our CCS systems are designed with function block logic, incorporating features like fuel/air ratio control, single and three element drum level control, oxygen trim, and boiler/plant master firing rate adjustment to ensure optimal performance in your applications.

Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Indeck consistently enhances their burner management systems to align with the most current standards such as NFPA-85, FM Global, CSA, and TSSA requirements. All components undergo FM and UL approval as necessary. Our UL-Listed Panel Shop (UL File number E134134) serves as the dedicated space for the assembly and testing of these systems.

Combustion Controls



Platforms (Burner Management)

From Basic Microprocessor to Fully Redundant PLC with First-Out Indication and Time-Stamping.

Parts & Accessories

From Single-Loop to DCS
From Single-Boiler to Entire Steam and Water Plants.

All Systems

Engineered & Built to Latest NFPA, FM and UL Requirements.

Fuel Delivery Systems

Our “Fuel Racks” are single-skid systems that incorporate the gas-train, oil-train, atomizing steam train. Instrument air, and all related switches, gauges and transmitters. A local panel provides operator interface and our stock units include PLC-based burner management. Stock units are NEMA 4, NFPA, UL and FM-approved, single or dual fuel. We routinely build custom fuel racks for hazardous environments, Class 1 Division ll and to meet APT specifications.

Indeck Boiler Models