Industrial Plants Count on Indeck

Waste Heat Boilers – IKE Saved Clients Time & Money

Indeck Keystone Energy has had several recent purchases orders for older waste heat boilers being replaced in kind with new modern but very similar waste heat boilers. These clients have been sulfuric acid processing plants, FCC refinery applications, and general industry waste heat needs.

This strategy saves the plant down time since the new design can be installed with minimal plant infrastructure changes. In general, the new boiler module fits in the old space with minimum piping, steel, and walkway adjustments. Because of this reduced site work, the overall project costs are lower thus saving the client capital equipment costs and installation labor costs. Since these waste heat boilers have operated successfully for decades, the client is usually able to suggest small changes to the design for operational / maintenance improvements.  Indeck is willing and able to make these changes for a new and better waste heat boiler. 

Fast Delivery Saves the Day at Paper Mill

Indeck Power continues to support customers in the paper based consumer products industry.  A well-known paper based company located in Tennessee was looking for a used boiler for fast delivery and lower capital equipment costs.  Indeck Power was able to offer a few options from our stock inventory. Due to Indeck Power offering several solutions, the client was able to come to our Wheeling, IL warehouse and inspect the stock boilers. The customer elected to purchase a boiler from Indeck Power based on fast delivery, our in stock availability, and low price for this used boiler. The boiler was delivered to the client shortly thereafter.

Auto Manufacturer Orders HTHW Lamont

Indeck Power Equipment Company continues to support customers in the automotive industry.  A well-known automobile manufacturer in the South East USA was looking for a High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) Generator to produce hot water for their manufacturing processes. Their existing hot-water boilers were failing and had become unreliable. Indeck provided the client with a proper design for HTHW applications and was able to secure an award.

The HTHW Generator is currently being manufactured at the Indeck Boiler Company facility, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. Additionally, the same automotive manufacturer is renting two 750 HP hot water boilers!