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Aftermarket Engineered Components

Indeck Keystone Energy recently received an aftermarket engineered components purchase order for the supply of replacement pressure part components on two 1980s vintage refused fired boiler systems. Indeck has been supplying this Owner for decades with parts and services and recently worked with the Owner to determine the scope of this project.  As these boilers are being rebuilt to stay “grandfathered” within their current emission permit limits, this rebuilding strategy helps the owner avoid any changes to these limits which may have dictated new expensive air pollution control equipment.  Also, the existing plant infrastructure can be re-used thus lower installation and overall project costs.

The scope of Indeck’s supply includes; upper steam drums with steam purifiers, lower mud drums, evaporator tubes with grid support system, evaporator rear waterwall panel, fourth pass rear waterwall panels, fourth pass roof waterwall panels, and boiler flue gas seals for these components.  Indeck will ship the parts in 8 to 9 months with field installation by the Owner.  The Owner will use approximately 3 months to install the new parts.  Thus in one year the boiler will be rebuilt and ready for operation. The boiler components were replaced in kind with some changes to help aide the installation efforts.  Also, one technical enhancement was added which is an evaporator grid support system which will help to hold the new evaporator tubes in alignment during operation. The original steam flow, pressure and temperature were not affected by the supply these components.

Aftermarket Parts

Indeck Keystone Energy maintains engineering drawings and reports which date back to 1840.  Our records are used on a regular basis to provide parts for boilers built in the 1950’s and older. These documents are the design basis of  over $1 million in spare parts inventory located in Erie, PA.  Indeck boiler OEM parts are manufactured to our original design details.  We have the ability to upgrade the parts based on customer feedback and up to date design enhancements.  Our replacement parts inventory warehouse is a climate controlled building.  This location has a precision machine shop for customizing parts for the specific applications in a timely manner.  We have indoor storage for  staging of many parts so we can provide “just in time ” delivery to our clients for their boiler outage.  Since power houses typically do not have large open spaces for storage,  the client does not need to store parts outside.  Indeck offers 24 hours per day emergency service for these parts with same day shipments.