Indeck Designed, Engineered, and Delivered two Boilers to a Steel Plant Located Near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

The steel plant has successfully started up their 70 MW cogeneration facility and the final performance test confirms that the plant meets all necessary operating standards as required by the Ontario Power Authority.

Indeck supplied two 350,000 pph D-Type boilers at 1500 psig operating pressure, and 1800 psig design pressure. The units produce 1005°F superheated steam temperature. The Indeck units were shop assembled and barge shipped to Ontario. The D-Type boilers include integral radiant/convective superheaters, balanced shaft design, 4 burners with windbox, burner management system, finned tube economizer, tubular air heater, and steam and water trim. Also, a duplex blower with motor drive, ladders, stairs and platforms, start-up vent with silencer along with piping.

The cogeneration facility converts by-product fuels from iron and cokemaking process into electricity and steam for the steelworks. The plant is operating exceptionally well and is the first integrated steel manufacturer in Canada to build a cogeneration facility fueled with by-product gas from the operation. Indeck is pleased to contribute to the success of the Canadian steel plant.