Providing the Complete Solution for Air Quality Emission Control, Thermal Oxidation, and Steam Generation

For nearly half a century Indeck has provided Industry with the latest steam generation solutions, while advancing the most up to date and innovative emission control techniques. With the obvious growth in the ethanol industry, Indeck has committed its resources to provide a single source solution for the ethanol industry’s requirements in these areas.

Indeck employs a proprietary process, wherein the DDG dryer exhaust is introduced into our uniquely designed water cooled furnace, where the dryer exhaust is subjected to thermal oxidation, driving off 99% + of all odor causing compounds, VOC’s, and particulate. This is accomplished, while using the energy needed for thermal oxidation to generate the required process steam, efficiently and reliably.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of the advancing growth in today’s ethanol industry. The excitement is partially generated for me personally, from my mid-western farming roots, and current farming operation. I have a great appreciation for the quality of life that exists in the farming community and would like to commit Indeck’s resources to contribute to safe, energy efficient, reliable, and environmentally sound ethanol plants.”
- Indeck

Indeck designs and builds these systems, providing a guarantee of performance backed by a leader in today’s energy and power equipment industry.

Our approach employs significant research and development, which utilizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model all the pertinent parameters within the process. Therefore, instead of relying on typical thermal oxidizer industrial standard values for time and temperature, which are applied to all forms of VOC destruction circumstances, our approach takes away all the guesswork.

While eliminating the primary concern of odor, VOC’s, and particulate emitted by the exhaust from the dryers, Indeck ensures that NOx and CO emissions are not ignored. Our system reduces NOx and CO significantly, utilizing the latest technology available. We are also able to apply these technologies to the dryers themselves, reducing overall emissions for the plant.

No longer do you have to choose between which pollutants to address or sacrifice efficient steam generation.

As an end user as well as a manufacturer of powerhouse equipment, our solution also places high priority on low maintenance. With our utilization of water-cooled furnaces, we virtually eliminate ongoing refractory repairs.

As a pioneer in the Independent Power Producing (IIP) markets, Indeck can facilitate the integration of our approach into cogeneration systems.