Indeck Rental Boilers: Leading the Way With a New Series of O-Type Rental Boilers

Industrial Boiler Systems - Indeck Power Equipment Company

Indeck Power Equipment Company was launched as the first emergency rental boiler company in the United States in 1960. Today, Indeck is continuing in its tradition of being a top industry name by providing a completely integrated line of boilers worldwide.

When utility, chemical or industrial plant emergencies occur, Indeck has the vast resources plant engineers and operators rely on to get plants up and running again in the shortest time possible.

Indeck has launched a new, highly efficient rental fleet of trailer-mounted watertube boilers in 75,000, 60,000 and 40,000 pph capacities with operating pressures of design pressure of 395 psig.

These mobile O-type boilers are built at Indeck’s own plant and feature higher efficiency and reliability due to the state of the art design. They are designed for temporary or emergency power needs and feature ease of delivery, simplified installation and no hassle set-up.

During an emergency, customer needs and equipment selection lead time are critical to expedite a boiler to a plant. Indeck stands ready to work through the demands for steam generation equipment by partnering with customers to develop a thorough contingency plan for unforeseen circumstances. With an Indeck Boiler Emergency Preparedness Plan, the requirements and details are noted in advance, resulting in maximum performance and reduced expenditures. Indeck provides 24/7 emergency response, with a dedicated team of project engineers and the world’s largest inventory of ready-to-go systems and components.

With the world’s largest inventory of rental steam generating systems, plant engineers rely on Indeck to restore or augment power. Indeck also offers a complete line of package boilers and is ready to deliver A, O and D package boiler systems.