Happy Holiday Season

Our Recent Projects:

A domestic refinery purchased a 120,000 PPH packaged O-type boiler with auxiliary equipment for a plant upgrade. Indeck has previously provided this customer with a number of other package boilers at this facility. The new boiler fires natural gas and plant refinery gas to provide 650 psig superheated steam to the plant. The boiler and auxiliary equipment are currently in assembly and are on schedule for a summer 2016 installation.

A university steam plant recently purchased two new 150,000 PPH packaged D-type boilers with auxiliary equipment for field erection at an indoor installation. The boilers will fire natural gas and low sulfur diesel fuel, and will provide 530°F superheated steam at 250 psig and no worse than 1PPM TDS saturated steam contamination to the university steam plant. The boiler and auxiliary equipment were delivered and were successfully started up.

The Army Corps of Engineers recently awarded Indeck a contract for the supply of two 120,000 PPH (600 psig design pressure) Stoker Coal Fired 2 Drum units with auxiliary equipment for field erection at an indoor installation. These units are being furnished under Phases I and II to replace six (6) aging boilers in a plant that dates back to the 1950s. The plant provides electricity for the base, along with steam heat to its buildings through an elaborate underground utility network. These modifications to the power plant building will replace 60-year-old technology while also providing the plant with the means to meet modern air-quality requirements.