Indeck Keystone Energy, is the OEM for these Aftermarket Boiler Parts

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The Aftermarket Engineered Products department of Indeck Keystone Energy (IKE) continuously provides high quality replacement parts, such as boiler tubes, drums, superheater elements, headers, casings, ducts, burner and stoker parts and many other different boiler parts to our customers in the U.S.A. and around the world. Indeck is celebrating 175 years of business this year which means there are a lot of our customers who depend on us responding to not only their immediate needs but also for providing them updated designs/solutions such as engineering studies to give them ideas for improvement of their existing Indeck/Zurn boilers.

Engineering studies are a fairly economical first step to providing potential customers directions/answers for what customers may or may not want to consider for their boilers. Also, as the OEM, Indeck Keystone Energy maintains the original boiler drawings and can provide customers timely quotations and the assurance that their replacement parts will be built to the original equipment design.

The past few months have been busy as customers are looking to replace worn parts during their seasonal outages. As an example, Indeck customers such as a paper mill in the northeast and a gulf coast chemical company purchased replacement steam drum purifier internals for their Indeck/Zurn boilers outages that are coming up this year.

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New Saturated and Superheat Boilers for Rent

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Saturated Boiler 80,000 PPH 395 PSIG
Saturated Boiler 80,000 PPH 395 PSIG
Superheat Boiler 75,000 PPH 750 PSIG
Superheat Boiler 75,000 PPH 750 PSIG