Power Outages and The Hurricane Season … Bring on The Generators!

Indeck Diesel Generation

In Illinois, Iowa and Indiana tornadoes struck last week to signal the coming of the Power Outage season in the Midwest.  For other parts of the country, they have been living through this much too often.  The East Coast prepares for its first hurricane this week and just in time for the Fourth of July Hurricane Arthur is threatening to strike the shores of the Carolinas and further north to Virginia.  See weather.com.  Indeck advises to call ahead and make the contigency plans.

Indeck has Trailer Mounted Diesel Generators Ready to Go to bring on the Power!

Indeck has a fleet of trailer mounted diesel generators, boilers and gen sets for power outages of plants, utilities, schools, hotels, and other commercial facilities. Be sure you are ready when the storm hits contact Indeck by email or at 800-446-3325 .

Tips on Emergency Response Planning:

Preparedness:  Detail those steps that will be taken to ensure the readiness of staff, equipment and facility infrastructure in the event of a specific emergency situation. Preparedness includes creating an emergency power equipment plan with Indeck – what size generators, boilers, chillers, deaerators will you need, who to contact etc.  Be sure to  train responsible facility staff that will train/practice to ensure almost “automatic” response to an emergency scenario.

Indeck offers options in commercial, industrial diesel generators and gensets…


MOST UNITS: Automatic or Manual Synchronizing

  • Automatic Base Load Control
  • On-Board Fuel Tanks
  • Paralleling Equipment
  • Radiator Cooled Diesel Engines
  • Sound Attenuated Trailers


Prevention:  Identify actions that can be taken that will either reduce the potential of an emergency occurring or minimize the exposure in the event of an emergency. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a strong strategy to ensure consistent performance and reduce risk of incidents.

Response: These are the many and multiple directed and rehearsed things that trained and specifically responsible persons will do when an actual emergency situation presents itself.   Be sure to have Indeck’s number available in case of power loss.  (847) 541-8300.  We have rental managers available 24/7 365 days a year.

Recovery:  Once an emergency situation is over, the objective is to quickly go into a recovery mode that will allow the facility and occupants to reach an acceptable level of operation and function. The emergency plan should identify any recovery steps or resources available that will assist the facility to returning to its normal operation.

Indeck is your partner during emergencies.   www.indeck.com

Power Outage? Call Indeck for a Commercial Generator

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