EPA Requires Plants to Speed Up on Pollution Controls and Nox Reduction

Indeck Designed a Super Efficient Selective Catalytic Reduction System to comply with EPA requirements.

Indeck Provides Solutions to Meet EPA Required Ultra Low Emissions from Boilers

New updated programs from the Environmental Protection Agency require refineries, chemical plants,  industrial facilities and other plants speed their adoption of pollution controls or take additional steps to reduce air pollution.

Indeck Keystone Energy LLC has successfully used Selective Catalytic Reduction emission reduction technology on industrial watertube package boilers , waste heat recovery boilers, and many other designs since the 80s.  The Indeck engineering team has developed low NOx boilers and proprietary I-SCR (Indeck-Selective Catalytic Reduction)   equipment meeting today’s US EPA Clean Air Standards. Indeck-Keystone Energy also offers Boiler MACT Engineering studies to assess plant compliance to the EPA requirements.

The I-SCR system uses a selective catalytic reduction process that converts combustion flue gas nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) without forming secondary pollutants.  Indeck can provide anhydrous and aqueous I-SCRs for boilers ranging 60,000pph to 250,000pph.