Indeck to Build New Natural Gas Power Plant in Niles, MI

Indeck Energy Services has been planning to build a new natural gas power plant in Niles, MI and the State of Michigan recently approved the project to proceed.  The final approval comes from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Air Quality Division which issued the air emissions permit for the gas plant.  The plant is expected to cost around $1 billion to build.

The construction for the natural gas power plant will begin later in 2017 and should be complete by 2020.  After the plant begins to operate, Indeck will be required to apply for a renewable operating permit from the Department of Environmental Quality which must be renewed every 5 years.

In mid-December 2016, 75 people attended a public hearing in Niles to voice their concerns before the permit was issued.  The staff of the Department of Environmental Quality addressed over 150 comments from the residents and made some minor adjustments to the permit before issuing it to Indeck.  The residents of Niles were mainly concerned that a gas power generation plant would affect the local temperature and produce emissions that would reach nearby neighborhoods.  The Department of Environmental Quality used computer modeling to address these concerns and let the residents know that the new Indeck gas plant will have very little effect on the temperatures on the area.  Questions concerning traffic, zoning, and water usage had to be referred to the city of Niles.

Indeck is proud to build a new natural gas power plant in the Niles Industrial Park in Niles, MI.  We are expecting to create hundreds of construction jobs with the building of this plant, as well as 21 high-skilled full time jobs once the plant is in operation.  This project will also benefit the local community of Niles, MI by generating $10 million in revenue for local schools and other entities.

Indeck Energy is a division of Indeck that builds, owns, and operates natural gas power plants for gas power generation projects.  The natural gas plant in the Niles Industrial Park is the newest development project to provide gas generated power where there is a demand.  Indeck Power Equipment Company manufactures, rents, sells, and installs a diverse range of industrial boilers including watertube steam boilers, hot water boilers, solid fuel boilers, thermal oxidizers, and heat recovery steam generators among others.  You can contact us at (847) 541-8300 to learn more about our available boilers.

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