Indeck Responds to Hurricane Sandy With Commercial / Industrial Generators & Boilers

Boiler Rental - Indeck Power Equipment Company

Indeck Power Equipment Company is assisting the relief efforts of hurricane Sandy with the rental of industrial generators and boilers. This all hands on deck approach to provide assistance during the most difficult times is no stranger to Indeck. The company has been providing emergency power equipment rentals services since its founding in 1960 and understands how time matters. That is why Indeck has tested boilers and generators waiting for delivery even before a catastrophe strikes. Indeck maintains a fleet of trailer- mounted rental generators ranging in size from 100KW – 2200 KW in assorted voltages and rental boilers from 24,000 pph to 250,000 pph ready for delivery.

Indeck has been responding to requests for commercial generators a week before the hurricane hit the shores of the East Coast. First calls came in from supermarkets and food refrigeration warehouses to maintain the food supplies in the event of power outage. This time with the grand magnitute of hurricane Sandy – Indeck’s rental department only wishes it had more equipment to provide everyone that calls with a generator. Indeck is assisting the City of New York, FEMA and area hospitals in restoring power to critical areas.

Russ Rabago, Rental Department Manager notes, “Indeck prides itself on providing total service, from order through delivery, we can have boilers and generators expedited to our customer’s location. As the first emergency boiler rental company in the United States, we have grown in experience, knowledge and breadth from boilers to generators to chillers. We can handle the most difficult scenarios nationwide. We are praying for our brothers and sisters in the East Coast as we are closely connected to the people on the ground dealing with this emergency. We feel their pain and are working 24/7 to provide power solutions.”

Indeck has the largest inventory of industrial generators and boilers available for lease or rent, for additional information see 24/7 Emergency Rental Service. Indeck maintains a dedicated 24/7 emergency power hotline to get facilities up and running in no time. Building owners, engineers and operators needing generators boilers are urged to contact the Indeck Power Equipment Company’s hotline at (847) 541-8300.