Indeck “O” Series Boiler Provides Steam for Equipment Testing at US Naval Base

Industrial Steam Boilers - "O" Type

One of Indeck’s 75,000 PPH trailer-mounted saturated steam boilers was recently used to complete equipment certification and testing for an east coast naval base. The objective of the project was to ensure a minimum of 50,000 PPH steam at 280 PSI could be passed through the equipment for a set amount of time.

Working as a subcontractor for a New York-based mechanical contractor, Indeck’s boilers provided the steam needed for testing. In addition, an Indeck service technician performed boiler start-up to ensure the naval base’s equipment was tested and brought on line in a safe and secure manner.

Indeck’s BMS and HMI control systems were implemented to maintain constant flow and firing rates throughout the testing period.

The whole project took approximately one month to complete and all equipment at the naval base successfully passed inspection, certification and testing.

In addition to the temporary boiler, controls systems and start-up services utilized for this project, Indeck’s engineered steam solutions also include boiler feedwater treatment systems, engineering capabilities, field-studies, boiler retrofits, and replacement OEM boiler parts and accessories.