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Are you prepared for possible steam interruptions? At Indeck we have professionals in Steam Plant Preparedness Planning. Avoid the cost of downtime by renting with Indeck. Downtime can include Loss of Critical Services, Loss of Building Heat, Risk of Freeze Damage, and Loss of Revenue.

Indeck is ready to assist with:
• Unplanned Outages
• Planned Outages
• Winter Loads
• Start-up Delays

75K PPH Saturated Boiler, 395 PSIG

75K PPH Saturated Boiler, 395 PSIG

Trailer-Mounted Boilers Available:
• 24K PPH
• 30K PPH ~ NEW
• 40K PPH ~ NEW
• 60K PPH **
• 70K PPH
• 75K PPH ~ NEW **
• 80K PPH ~ NEW
• 83K PPH ~ NEW
** saturated or superheated

Rental Spotlight: 75K PPH Superheat Watertube Boilers

Indeck Power Equipment Company has redesigned their 75,000 PPH superheat watertube boilers to save fuel dollars and provide higher efficiency while improving operations. The superheat ‘O’ type boilers are constructed in accordance with ASME code and designed to 750 PSIG and 750° F, and are available for boiler rental or boiler sale. Economizers and I-SCR (Indeck Selective Catalytic Reduction System) for ultra low NOx emission reduction are available.

75K PPH Superheat Watertube “O” Type Boiler, 750 PSIG / 750° F
75K PPH Superheat Watertube “O” Type Boiler, 750 PSIG / 750° F

Indeck’s Capabilities

We offer the following equipment and services:


See our Indeck General Capabilities Brochure.

We have the Experience

The Indeck Group of companies have over 170 years of experience in engineered steam solutions and have completed over 5,000 projects in 45 countries. We have dedicated international sales managers and experienced global shipping teams to cover worldwide requests for boilers.