Indeck Announces Major Additions to Boiler Inventory

Boiler Rental - Indeck Power Equipment Company

Indeck Power Equipment Company’s commitment to innovative and comprehensive steam power solutions has resulted in the addition of many new boilers and package boiler systems to Indeck’s sale and rental inventory.

Indeck’s newest boilers are manufactured with the latest engineering innovations and energy efficient designs in mind. These boilers represent the latest in Indeck’s long history of delivering unmatched product quality to clients in the fields of chemical engineering, petroleum, plastics, refining, higher education, pulp and paper, food processing, utility distribution and municipal services.

Indeck Power Equipment’s newest inventory includes:

  • 250,000 PPH 800 PSIG / 750 F Superheated Boilers
  • 90,000 PPH 395 PSIG Saturated Boilers
  • 83,000 PPH/395 PSIG Saturated Boilers
  • 80,000 PPH/395 PSIG Saturated Boilers
  • 75,000 PPH 750 PSIG / 750 F Superheated Boilers (Skid and Trailer-Mounted)
  • 75,000 PPH 395 PSIG Saturated Boilers (Skid and Trailer-Mounted)
  • 60,000 PPH 395PSIG Saturated Boilers (Skid and Trailer-Mounted)
  • 40,000 PPH 395 PSIG Saturated Boilers (Skid and Trailer-Mounted)
  • 30,000 PPH 395 PSIG Saturated Boilers (Skid and Trailer-Mounted)
  • 300 HP 250 PSIG Mobile Boiler Rooms
  • 85,000 PPH Deaerator with Enclosures


All boilers are equipped with steam pressure gauges, low water cutoffs, safety valves, FW stop and check valves, blow down valves, continuous blow down metering valve, chemical feed valve, FW regulator with pre-piped three valve bypass, BMS/ combustion controls, complete fuel train and pilot ignition system, forced draft fan, motor and starter, steam non-return valve, stack, water column and site glass.

Economizers and Indeck’s very own Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (I-SCRs) are available as well, which help reduce fuel use and lower NOx emissions. “When designing new boilers, our goal is always to reduce the costs and environmental impact of our clients’ operational activity. Most commonly, this is achieved by optimizing fuel efficiency and recapturing heat loss,” says Sr. Sales Engineer and Rental Manager, Russ Rabago. Indeck’s latest fleet expansion further diversifies what is already the Nation’s largest inventory of boilers, ensuring Indeck’s ability to fulfill the steam power needs of businesses within the commercial and industrial sectors.

Combustion controls and OEM parts are also available. For more information regarding Indeck’s steam boiler rental equipment, or Indeck’s other steam power solutions, please visit or call 800-446-3325.