From the Ground up


From the Ground up: Indeck’s Ken Altman and Aaron Naylor Bring Unique Perspectives and Nearly 60 Years of Experience to Indeck’s Reimagined Equipment Management and Service Teams

Indeck is pleased to announce the advancement of Aaron Naylor and Ken Altman to the positions of Service Manager and Equipment Operations Manager, respectively.

Both men are stepping into these new roles as part of Indeck’s recent expansion of their Equipment Management and Service departments. Since 1960, Indeck has been able to maintain its spot at the top of the industry leaderboard through its continuous effort to find new and unique ways to improve its products and services. Indeck’s determination to set the industry precedent in customer experience has allowed the steam power titan to prevail as an industry leader for nearly 60 years. The expansion of the two departments is Indeck’s most recent effort to improve itself by better serving clients during on-site start up and equipment maintenance.

Product quality, industry experience, operational efficiency and technical knowledge are just a few of the shared goals between Indeck’s Equipment Management and Service teams. These high-level goals, which focus on the client experience, helped drive the unification of the two departments’ core responsibilities.

The recent integration of Indeck’s Equipment Management and Service teams enables a more fluid relationship between the departments. Equipment Operations Manager, Ken Altman, welcomes the operational synergy of the two teams. “Aaron and I always viewed the Service and Warehouse departments as two sides of the same coin. When the opportunity to put Indeck’s philosophy of continuous improvement into the foundation of the departments [became available], we essentially consolidated both departments into one team, and broke them back out again based on our professional strengths and experiences.”

Prior to taking on the mantle of Service Manager, Naylor spent several years as a member of Indeck’s Back of House team – ultimately working his way up to manager of the department. Similarly, Altman’s advancement to Equipment Operations Manager includes roles working in both steam power equipment service and management. Altman and Naylor have between them a combined 57 years of experience servicing and managing steam power equipment – nearly ten of which have been spent working together at Indeck.

“[Ken and I] work very well together,” says Naylor. “We both bring several decades of industry experience in equipment management and client facing roles. Having two department leaders with that breadth of experience helps facilitate success within both departments. Ken and I both have seen first-hand how small process changes can have a tremendous positive impact on clients’ experiences. … That is very advantageous because it allows [Indeck] to provide an unparalleled client experience when we are on site.”

The two departments will be operating more closely with one another to oversee Indeck’s processes from equipment preparation through start up. This new operational workflow allows the two teams to quickly implement improvements and stay at the forefront of client satisfaction. “Each and every one of us is responsible for providing the best on-site experience possible, and that starts with our boilers,” says Altman. “Our teams’ successes rely on each other, so a large part of my immediate goals focuses on showing that to my team. We have already begun making enhancements to our intake and outbound processes by working to reduce turnaround time, improving bay testing procedures, and simplifying the parts of start-up prep that are typically managed by our clients.”

Naylor echoes a similar statement to Altman’s: “The goal is to better equip our service technicians to collect feedback and implement changes based on that feedback. My team recognizes the impact having a knowledgeable, hard-working, and friendly face on site has with our clients; the key to our future successes as a service team will come from developing new and unique ways to demonstrate these principles to our clients while we are in the field”.

The integration of Indeck’s Equipment Management and Service teams is welcomed by both Altman and Naylor. “The overarching mission is to ensure our equipment properly functions, and our clients are educated in the best practices of equipment maintenance once start up is complete,” says Altman. Naylor adds proudly, “This new operational format puts the client at the center of our departments’ missions. Ken and I are responsible for integrating the client perspective and continuous improvement into our processes; I am confident this is something we can accomplish.” With their enthusiasm and client-first approach leading the way, there is no limit to the success Indeck’s Service and Equipment Management departments can achieve.

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